Andy Martin:

New Hampshire’s leading corruption fighter runs for U. S. Senator - Granite State roots/national experience/ a lifetime commitment to public integrity

In 2016 Andy’s family celebrated 100 years of New Hampshire history - his grandparents arrived in Manchester in 1916.
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Andy Martin will bring New Hampshire citizens together, not tear us apart

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Andy Martin’s

Contract with the Voters of New Hampshire

1. Term limits

I will fight for a constitutional amendment imposing term limits on members of congress, 2 terms (12 years) for U. S. Senators and 6 terms (12 years) for U. S. Representatives. I will also fight to impose term limits on federal judges through constitutional amendment.

2. Self-imposed term limits

Under no circumstances will I serve more than 2 terms in the U. S. Senate. Any effort by me to violate this promise will be enjoinable in a common law court of the State of New Hampshire with a waiver on my part of any jurisdictional defenses. No exceptions!

3.  All New Hampshire citizens will be welcome in my office

I will offer nonpartisan constituent services to all the residents of my district and to any citizens of New Hampshire who seek my help

4.  Medical care/Medicare/Social Security

I will work to ensure medical care is available to every U. S. Citizen and legal resident on a cost-effective basis, with minimum government interference. I will strive to protect the doctor/patient relationship. I WILL DEFEND SOCIAL SECURITY AND MEDICARE.

5. Campaign spending restraint when constitutional

While recognizing that the First Amendment provides broad protections for political speech, I will do everything in my power to limit the impact of massive political spending on federal elections.

6. Veterans care and concern

I will ensure that our veterans receive the full care and support they need and deserve.

7. Deficit spending

Federal government spending is out of control. I will work to restore sane financial policies and eventually eliminate deficit spending.

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